My name is Fabio.

I work in software development because I love doing it!

I am really passionate about making the right things in the best possible ways. I like optimizing processes, planning complex tasks, managing the development processes and enjoying the final results.

I always keep learning on new topics and I usually do a good job at integrating the best of emerging technologies to improve existing workflows for me and my team.


Things that I got asked quite often:

Are you looking for a job right now?

Yes, I am always open to new opportunities.

I will work with you loyally at the best of my forces as long as our common goal will keep being ‘let’s do the best we can!’

What is your position?

I usually work as a mixed figure, half as a developer and half as a development workflow planner and supervisor.

I really like this schema but will happily evaluate different positions in different contexts.

Are you a .NET or a .java guy?

I am a Java guy. I had some experiences with VB.NET and ASP.NET in the past, working on standalone applications for industry management but those times are gone and Java is my daily cup of coffee now.

Are you graduated?

I studied Electronic Engineering part time because I am passionate about electronics as well. I currently have a bachelor’s degree.

All my expertise and knowledge in the I.T. field comes from self education driven by passion: if you require a degree in another field, I am sadly not the man you are looking for.

Do you have other passions?

Yes, I am really passionate about electronics and low-level embedded systems engineering, about biology as well; I love the sea and work as a scuba diving divemaster and assistant instructor, love motorcycling and touring, play piano and the drums.

What’s your English level?

I am certified C1 and never had problems working with the beyond-the-alps world.

Can you fix my printer?

Yes. Yes, I can.

On a side note, despite being passionate about electronics I hate printers.

Can you give me an example of recursion?

You can find the answer to that question in my FAQs page.

My history

You can find everything on my CV. Just shot me an email at