Dialogue Explore Bond is a no-profit organization in the Polytechnic University of Turin.

Its purpose is to empower students and give them a better experience in this complex phase of their lives, by helping them dialogue with each other, explore the available resources and ultimately bond.

I worked with the organization as I.T. manager, providing them with the infrastructure, guiding and coordinating the I.T. team in development and providing I.T. support for everyday issues.


  • I built the public website, using the Joomla 3.9 CSM
  • I configured user management, groups, roles and the authority system for organization-wide RBAC configuration
  • I programmed a BOT that the organizations provides in order to provide students a safe way to chat anonymously with operators when they need support
  • I built a custom component for backend management and configuration of the BOT on the backoffice site
  • I configured a system-wide audit flow
  • I configured a CloudFlare account for DNS management, CDN optimization, DDoS protection
  • I configured SSO on CloudFlare and appropriate Access Policies
  • I configured databases with fine-tuned access roles and automatic replicas with sensible data obfuscation
  • I configured separated development, test and production environments on different VMs
  • I configured the team management tools using FreedCamp and setup projects to coordinate the IT team
  • I configured GCP (Google Cloud Platform) to provide SSO services
  • I configured a GitLab account with embedded CI/CD to provide a proper DevOps development flow with pull requests, CD deploys to DEV and to production environments
  • I configured the hosting machine from fresh VMs using Webmin to fine-tune all the services as postfix, mysql, apache, php versions, firewall and antispams
  • I configured RollBar error tracking and collection
  • I configured system monitoring with Amon, UptimeRobot
  • I configured centralized log collection with LogDNA
  • I configured automatic backups of VMs on BackBlaze remote storage (glacier-like)
  • I configured a Zapier integrations to improve the workflow (Telegram notifications on pull requests and for pipelines)
  • I configured Python and bash scripts to automate VPS management and deploys
  • I setup the development flow and published contribution guidelines
  • I keep monitoring the development team and executing code review on merge requests
  • I setup an issue tracking protocol with FreedCamp tasks automation
  • I manage the mail server configuration with mailboxes and aliases

Backoffice site








FreedCamp team management

VPS and GCP hosting