Money is difficult to manage. I made this online application to have a comprehensive money management, budgeting and planning tool.

What is this ?

It is a web application providing me with comprehensive money management, budgeting and planning tool.

It features:

  • Automatic linking with your bank accounts, mortgages and credit cards, with automatic synchronization
  • Automatic and manual transactions management
  • Future transaction planning with custom recurrences and multiple accounts
  • Budgeting features with very granular budget-source configuration
  • Account sharing in order to work together on selected accounts
  • Custom transaction categorization with auto-learning AI
  • In-depth statistics for expenses and transactions analysis
  • Extremely responsive application in order to work as webapp on PCs, tablets, phones and as Android app
  • Future planning considering planning, budgets, expenses projections and custom planning
  • Email alerting and customer-engagement programs
  • Parallel development environments with database replication and sensible-data obfuscation

And many more

How did I do this ?

This is a SPA Progressive application, available as a web application as web as Android application.

A dedicated server node with a MySQL 5.7 database and a Tomcat8 application server hosts a Java application with an AngularJS frontend.

The backend application is based on Spring Boot and is a microservice connected to my personal microservices environment.

The following technologies are involved in the project:

  • Apache gateway
  • JS Service Worker for ProgressiveApplication feature
  • Static AngularJS application assets served by CDN
  • Microservice: connected to Registry, UAA server and other microservices
  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot 2
  • Spring Data JPA
  • SendGrid email relay
  • Tomcat8
  • AngularJs 1.5
  • Amon (infrastructure monitoring)
  • UptimeRobot (service monitoring)
  • SaltEdge banking API
  • CloudFlare SSL with SSO access policy

Access to the application is provided to me and other BETA testers and is protected by SSO under CloudFlare Access policies.

Application performance and system status are monitored by my Amon and UptimeRobot systems, LogDNA service and in-application embedded HealthChecks.

How would this be instrumental in a business environment ?

Many of the technologies involved in this application are widely used nowadays (such as Java8+, Angular, Spring framework and the Microservices pattern).

External services integration with the SaltEdge banking API is a top-notch, banking-level security integration that is very difficult to implement and manage.

Application-level and node-level resources monitoring are also useful topics that become critical in business environments.

Can I test this?

You can require access to the application as beta tester at by writing me an email.