Since my girlfriend moved in to live with me, we have a spare house that is up for rent. Being in the universitary district, many students come and go and it can be difficult to remember of everything about rents, bills, house maintenance, contracts and so on.

We decide to simplify our and our tenant’s lives, by managing everything by ourselves and giving them a single online application where they can see everything in a single place: due payments, rents, bills, personal documents and so on.

We offer SMS and email notifications to tenants and their parents, together with pay-with-paypal or Satispay flows in order to simplify money management.

What is this ?

It is a web application providing me with a simple centralized tool to manage tenants, rents, bills, payments, contracts and so on.

It provides tenants a personal area where they have an history of they payments, a due-payments page with pay-with-paypal option, a document archives with expenses justification documents and so on.

Why did I do this ?

Managing this kind of things in an efficient and not-so-time-consuming way is difficult. This is a complex application that helps me and gives our tenants a single place where they can have everything under control.

How did I do this ?

A dedicated server node with a MySQL 5.7 database and a Tomcat8 application server hosts a Java application with an Angular 7 SPA.

The backend application is based on Spring Boot and is monolithic.

The following technologies are involved in the project:

  • Java 8
  • Spring Boot 2
  • Spring Data JPA
  • JasperReports (PDF generation)
  • SendGrid email relay
  • Aruba SMS gateway
  • Tomcat8
  • Angular 7
  • Amon (infrastructure monitoring)
  • UptimeRobot (service monitoring)
  • PayPal integration

Access to the application is provided to landlords, tenants and tenants' parents; access to the backend is protected by SSO under CloudFlare Access policies.

Application performance and system status are monitored by my Amon and UptimeRobot systems.

How would this be instrumental in a business environment ?

Many of the technologies involved in this application are widely used nowadays (such as Java8+, Angular, Spring framework).

PDF generation and external services integration (SMS gateway, API-based mail relay, PayPal API integration) are quite complex to integrate and require service integration skills.

Application-level and node-level resources monitoring are also useful topics that become critical in business environments.

Can I test this?

You can require access to the application at by writing me an email.